My Entertainments

Comedy, tragedy, history, mystery, music and song
all find a place in Ruth's unique, specially-written entertainments.

Ruth singing and playing the  lap harp

Ruth is a professional storyteller, living history performer, musician, comedian, writer and composer with a reputation for mesmerising her audiences with her amazing and usually hilarious tales – stories which are all absolutely true, of course!
However she is a singer first and foremost and by popular request from her delighted audiences Ruth’s beautiful singing voice is going to be heard much more often in her performances from this year on.
You won’t forget an evening spent in Ruth’s company so why not look at her extensive list of entertainments and see which one you’d like to try first.  If you’ve seen her before, Ruth is sure the following one-woman extravaganzas will offer you enough variety for you to repeat the experience.
Thank you for your interest.
Ruth Moore Williams
Once seen never forgotten!
Mavis Munitions
Mavis Munitions recruiting for the war effort
Grumpy Old Woman
This extremely popular all-comedy entertainment strikes a chord with all those of a certain age who get together in a huddle to set the world to rights.  Ruth’s observations on the world today and how “it’s not the same as it used to be” have made audiences ache with laughter.  So much so
that by popular demand she’s written a second entertainment in this vein.
Grumpy Old Woman Strikes Again
If you’ve seen the first one and you’d like another dose of laughter tonic - choose this. 
(Plus See the festive version of Grumpy Old Woman in the Christmas section)
Ruth the Medieval Storyteller

What the Celts did for us!
History lessons were never like this!  Ruth and her sister Chris take their history research very seriously but it doesn’t have to be told in a very serious way.  This is a sometimes amusing, but always fascinating talk (with some music of course) about the beliefs and customs of our ancestors, the Ancient Britons, and how we owe many of our modern customs and superstitions to them.
romans in gloucester
Ruth the Ancient Briton, attempting to persuade the Romans to pack up and go home at a Celebration of Gloucester Day for Gloucester Civic Trust.
The Song and Story Series
FIVE very different energetic, funny and heart-warming entertainments in which Ruth tells folk tales and stories from history in her own inimitable way and all absolutely true of course!  If you haven’t experienced Ruth’s way of telling a tale then you won’t want to miss seeing one of these.
As well as this Ruth sings songs from the past which complement the tales and also she invites you to join in a good old Singalong to celebrate Wales in four entertainments ideal for any Welsh-themed event:-

Wales in Song and Story
More Wales in Song and Story
Two action-packed hour-long hilarious entertainments, filled with amazing and fantastical legends of Wales like you've never heard them before.  Traditional Welsh folk tales, told in an energetic, dynamic and humorous style.  Ruth also sings some of the country's most beautiful folk songs and encourages the audience to live up to our reputation of being the Land of Song by inviting everyone to join in a fun Singalong of songs of Wales dating from our historic past to the twentieth century.  Either ideal for any Welsh-themed event.  Performed in English.
Legends were never told quite like this before.

Denbighshire in Song and Story
Join Ruth on a whirlwind tour of the eight towns of beautiful Denbighshire.  First performed in St. Asaph Cathedral to great acclaim.  From the sandy shores of the coastline through the green Vale of Clwyd up to the rugged Berwyn Mountains, every inch of Denbighshire is packed with history, mystery and sheer magic - but you've never heard it told like this before.  Book your seat now on this tour of fun.  And if this wasn't enough, Ruth sings some of Denbighshire's most beautiful folk songs.
Flintshire in Song and Story
Come and hear Ruth answer some of the greatest mysteries of the lovely county of Flintshire.  What does "away with the fairies" really mean?  Who was Wat and why?  Why has Flintshire been the best British shopping emporium for over two thousand years?  Is the Bad Hair Day Queen really buried in Flintshire's hills? Who didn't land in Botany Bay, but did found a continent?  Laugh, cry and be amazed as all these questions and more are answered in this rollercoaster of an emotional ride through Flintshire's incredible past.  All this and some of Flintshire's wonderful songs too

and to celebrate England......
Merrie England
Come and join us in a joyous celebration of the glories of England by hearing Ruth’s energetic and humorous versions of traditional English folk tales.  She also sings some of England’s lovely folk songs plus you get to join in too by singing some great flag-waving English songs.
Baddesley Clinton

A Victorian Day at the National Trust's Baddesley Clinton moated manor house

As a living history performer Ruth often dons period clothing to match her historical entertainments and performs music on instruments of the time.
The following are her
Historical Entertainments
The Good Old Days
A very popular entertainment celebrating the glories of the Music Hall beginning in the Victorian era and moving through the decades to the 1940s and beyond.  A very funny blend of comic and dramatic monologues, storytelling, music and Singalong but “This time featuring chiefly ~ yourselves!”
Performing "The Good Old Days" in Victorian costume
Daughters of Eve
Be prepared to laugh and cry with Ruth as she “becomes” just a few of the women who “spent time” in the grim gaols of the Georgian and Victorian eras.  True and incredible stories of ordinary women uncovered through painstaking research and retold and re-enacted in words and music of the
time.  “There, but by the grace of God, go you or I.”
(Ruth sometimes acts as Women of the Gaol for Denbighshire County Council at Ruthin Gaol). 
From Parlour to Poorhouse
Let Ruth take you back in time to the time of Queen Victoria, a time when poverty walked hand in hand with plenty.  Imagine yourself rich and prosperous, hard-working and downtrodden or destitute and poor and then sample the many and various entertainments you may have enjoyed in
these hard times.  Entertainments of Victorian parlour, music hall and street.  Comedy, melodrama, horror and farce all are present in this thoroughly
enjoyable evocation of another time.  All this and an interactive melodrama with audience participation AND a Sing-along too!
hurdy at plas
Ruth playing the hurdy gurdy

The Incredible and Daring Adventures of the Ladies of Llangollen
In the second half of the 18th century 3 women from Ireland broke free from the restraints and restrictions of their age and escaped to a new, independent life in Wales.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  Well it sounds even better when you hear it told “straight from the horse’s mouth” and what a mouth it is!  Mary Caryll alias Molly the Bruiser always tells it like it is – loud and forceful.  Hear the retelling of the ladies’ story and a little about the social unrest of the time through the eyes (and mouth) of the faithful and fearsome servant of the Ladies of Llangollen.  Fortunately this Mary plays and sings music and songs of the times on period instruments too!  A real treat!  (Ruth sometimes acts as Mary for Denbighshire County Council at Plas Newydd, the beautiful home of the Ladies of Llangollen).
mary c
Ruth as Mary Caryll performing at Plas Newydd, home of the Ladies in Llangollen for Denbighshire County Council.
What Did You Do in the War, Mother?
An extremely popular tribute to the British women of World War Two told in words and music thorough the magic of Bush
radio and the BBC Home service.  Remember “Workers’ Playtime?” Well come and be part of the factory audience as Edie Hughes and a couple of her pals tell the true stories of their friends and neighbours for this extra special edition of the programme, broadcast from a Secret Location in deepest Britain; secret because “Careless talk costs lives!” And yes there’s a great sing-along too.
You too can join Carys digging for victory in the Land Army
Warrior Women
Be honest - have you always had a secret desire to swash your buckle?  Well so have many other people and in this entertainment those people were women.  Hear the amazing true stories of women who went to war disguised as men to seek their true love, to catch up with a wayward husband or just to fulfil their dreams of adventure. Soldiers and sailors, doctors and dragoons, plasterers and pirates - all women to a man.  Songs, music and real life stories from the 16th to 19th centuries.
civil war
Playing the pipe and tabor
NEW - A History of Music in 15 instruments!
Ruth has a large collection of historical musical instruments and in this entertainment she performs popular, traditional and classical music and songs of many eras using some of them.  Ruth explains how they work and gives a brief historical background.  All this is done, of course in her usual humorous way. Discover the wonders of the lyre, crumhorn, portative organ and the hurdy gurdy and more. A musical feast for all tastes and you may even get to try a few instruments too!

Ruth singing and playing the  lap harp
Special Christmas Entertainments
If you like to laugh, like to sing and love Christmas all four of these entertainments are for you.  Ideal to get everyone in the mood for the season of goodwill to all.  Ruth gets booked up months in advance for Christmas events, so think ahead and book for next year or even the year after now to avoid disappointment.
It’s Christmas Again!
Remember your childhood Christmases when you braved the cold without central heating, had weird and wonderful presents from your aunties and got stuck behind the donkey in the Christmas Nativity?  Well if you don’t, let Ruth remind you of those Christmases with some hilarious memories of her own.  PLUS a good old sing of all those Christmas songs we all love.  A very popular Christmas entertainment.
A Merry Festive Bah Humbug GRUMPY OLD WOMAN
Remember how Christmases used to be and how they are now?  Christmas trees bedecked with baubles on Christmas Eve and not August Bank Holiday?  Christmas lights dotted in a few windows and not overloading the National Grid with icicles flashing on every house?  Sprouts just for Christmas dinner and not for a summer salad?  Yes, Grumpy Old Woman is back and she is now ranting about Christmas today and how “It’s not the same as it used to be”.  If you love Christmas like Ruth and wonder where it all went wrong, here’s the antidote to the modern Christmas blues.  Laugh with Ruth at the festive antics of today, but most of all be reminded of how things used to be and laugh even more.  ‘Tis the season to be jolly and this Grumpy Old Woman is just that - and you get to sing too!
big drum
Silent Night?  Welcoming in the Christmas Spirit
A Victorian Christmas
No one does Christmas like the Victorians, so celebrate this most magical time of the year in true Victorian style. 
Be chilled by a
Victorian Christmas Ghost Story
and thrilled by a
Traditional Pantomime
– with audience participation, of course.  A wonderful, humorous, dramatic and warm-hearted blend of music, songs, carols, history and folklore designed to recreate the magic of Christmas past, with plenty of Victorian carols to sing too.  Performed in period costume.
Plas Newydd, home of the Ladies of Llangollen with Dinas Brân in the background

Christmas through the Ages
A whirlwind tour of over 2,000 years of festive cheer, starting with the Winter Solstice of the Celts and ending with the wonders of the 21st century Christmas.  Using folklore, history and story Ruth celebrates Christmas in the changing ways of those two thousand years, with music and songs of the time played on period instruments.  And, of course, you get to sing too!  At this festive season of the year let us bedeck the halls with boughs of holly, wassail around the Christmas tree and fill the flowing bowl.  Long live Christmas!  Performed in period costume.
tudor w pipe
Trilling a Tudor Christmas Carol

And there’s even more…


Ruth offers a selection of SIX different Singalongs.  There’s nothing like having a good sing or a good laugh or both to forget your troubles, and so why not book a Singalong and give vent to your emotions and relax?  Forget therapy – just have a sing.
Ruth causes merriment at Madeley
Ruth is booked regularly by day centres, sheltered housing associations and by residential and care homes for Singalongs.  She is booked by them over and over again because she not only leads the singing enthusiastically, she also interacts with people and helps them laugh as well as sing.  She provides the song sheets.
Ruth is known for choosing songs that people like to sing and have liked to sing for over a hundred years – so Music Hall songs, show songs, songs of the World Wars, hits of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s are all part of her Singalong repertoire. 
Some of the work of which she is most proud is singing along with people who may be lost to this moment in time because of the terrible curse of dementia or Alzheimer’s, but will have found themselves again by singing a song from their past, back in a time they remember well.
There’s nothing like singing so come on, have a Singalong and find yourself again.
Every picture tells a story

For smaller community and charity groups to help with your expenses Ruth makes a great entertainer/speaker for a fund-raising event, so why not defray the cost and make it an open event?

Please note Ruth does not do after-dinner speaking.  She’d be happy to perform for you before your meal but not after.  After lunch-speaking is
possible, but  please check with her.
Some of the instruments Ruth plays

Thank you for reading about my entertainments.  I hope you’ve seen something you like.  Why not give me a ring or send me an e-mail to find out about prices and any other information via tthe contacts page on the main menu.  I hope you decide to book me - you won't regret it and it won't cost you as much as you think.  I really look forward to meeting you in the near future.
Regards, Ruth.

Ruth at Baddesley Clinton performing on the Dulcitone at a National Trust Victorian Day