The Greenfield Valley Museum and Heritage Park

Ruth is performing tales about some horrible history at The Greenfield Valley Museum and Heritage Park from 1.30 on
July 26th - Crafty Celts and Rampaging Romans
Imagine you're a Celtic Kid looking after your tribe's herd of goats on a hill above here and you saw a dirty great rotten Roman down in the Valley - What would you do? Come along and find out.
August 8th - Creepy Castles and Terrifying Tudors Want to be a princess or a knight like in the old days? Get real kid ! Life wasn't really like that, would you like to find out who you'd be in those Medieval and Tudor Times?
August 20th - Jeering Georgians and Vicious Victorians
You won't believe what went on around here in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries. For kids it wasn't good, it was really, really bad. The jobs for kids just got better and better. Here's some to think about. You could have been a trapper, a scavenger or even a gong farmer! Come and find out what you would have been in those 'good old days'.
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